Brett Jerhoff- Cornerstone Mtg Group-

REeBroker is exclusively in the business of supporting its agents in their work with their clients to list, sell and buy real estate. As an added benefit of being an agent in the REeBroker Group, you have the advantageous option to choose one of our carefully vetted Premium Partners, which provide market leading products and proven excellent services to the real estate marketplace.

Introducing our Premium Partner for Lending:

Cornerstone Mortgage Group offers:


-- All In-House as a Direct Lender --

  • Bank Statement programs for self employed borrowers. No longer need tax returns to qualify.
  • Condo’s in litigation
  • Ability to finance more than 10 properties for one borrower
  • Cash out on non owner properties JUMBO loan amounts (most lenders limited to Fannie/Freddie guides)
  • 90% ONE LOAN to $2.5M
  • 95% ONE LOAN to $1.5M
  • Early access programs, One day out of BK/Foreclosure/ Short sale. No longer waiting 3 to 7 years for FHA/conventional
  • 30 Year fixed, Interest only option
Purchase close in 20 days!

Please contact me with any questions. I look forward to working together.

Brett Jerhoff

2655 Camino Del Rio North, Suite 450
San Diego, CA 92108

Mobile: 619-­847-6196 | eFax: 866­‐842­‐7866

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