I just wanted to say that this is a GREAT concept that I wish all states adopted and this company is just what I needed, Thanks!
- John (San Diego)
You are just amazing. One of the major element that inspire me to join your team is, I login to your website and I am inspired by the fact that your team are well organized. You responded
quickly. That is what my client will need.
I also love the fact that you have the Transaction Assistant to help.
- Moxa (San Mateo)
I am already thrilled by how high tech your company is and I am so glad I joined. Thank you.
- Angela (Livermore)

It works great.... that makes it so much easier and more professional!
Thank You for making this possible!
- Luc (Palm Springs)
RE eBroker has so many useful information and step by step guide to follow . Along with this, you have all the forms necessary for a transaction. - Thank you!
- Lynne (Oxnard)
I’m so pleased with Karri Bandong and her staff of professionals. As always all of the staff at Trusted National Escrow are extremely cooperative in providing prompt, accurate and fast service. With Karri’s experience we feel at ease that we always are going to get the right answer, even if it’s a very simple question for a new agent, or getting the answer to a complex situation for a veteran agent, her extensive experience will guide you to the right path. We will be looking forward to repeat exceptional service as always with Trusted National Escrow.
- Carlos

Karri from Trusted National Escrow was outstanding in my recent escrow. Her communication and follow up skills were exceptional during the entire escrow period. The sellers transaction actually closed on the day it was scheduled! Karri went out of her way to make sure this happened for the buyer and seller. She personally delivered papers and kept close correspondence with the lender to achieve a very smooth transaction. This was my first escrow with Karri but I can say I will definitely use Trusted National Escrow on future sales. Nice to have someone you can trust to get the job done timely and accurately!
- Charla
It was the first time I worked with Trusted National Escrow, but it won't be the last. I can tell you from my experience that the professionalism, courtesy and attention to detail and deadlines, makes Karri and Trusted National Escrow standout in the crowd. Having visited their office and meeting the other staff members, I was impressed by their genuinely pleasant personalities. When one has to cross every "T" and dot every "i" as we do in this profession, it is a joy to work with people like you find at Trusted National Escrow. Thank you Karri, for a job well done.
- Herb
I met you in January and I was impressed, with the operation then. Now, that I am working my first deal with Reebroker, I am many more times impressed. I want to say that working with Andrew and especially working with Ana on the phone, the patient concerned attitudes of the team is much appreciated. I have been with Remax for many years, Bankers realty for several and Keller Williams and I find your/our system and support to be of the highest quality. My hat is off to all. Best and Thanks
- Steve De Rosa (San Marcos)

It has been a pleasure working with Trusted National Escrow on a recent transaction. Short sales are difficult and challenging to process but Trusted National Escrow made it easier. Their quick response and dedication provided excellent service. I would definitely employ their services again. Heidi K Chung Gold Key Realty DRE# 01178394
-  Heidi K Chung
Great idea! Thanks for staying on the cutting edge.
- Don (Victorville)
Thank you for inviting me to join your awesome firm!!! Very excited to be a part of your brokerage.
- Heidi (Carlsbad)

Your the greatest!!!!
- LaSonia (Redlands)
Thank you very much. This is an amazing system also.
- Sherina (San Diego)
Thanks for all of your help and 2nd set of eyes, ears, opinion etc. which was important in this transaction. You were worth every penny of the TC fee. Thanks again.
- Cheryl (Hanford)

I joined eBroker at the end of last year after having worked at Coldwell Banker for 10 years. It was a big step for me, however, my experience with eBroker has been great. I have closed 2 deals this year and the support has been great and I am very happy that I changed.
- Pareen (Woodland Hills)
I'm very happy with you Document Library. I think eBroker thought of everything in order to help us and also be cost efficient. Great company.
- Joyce (Irvine)
Looks great. Start to wonder how much favor you have done for me.... Thanks,
- Steve (Winchester)

I have to say that working with RE eBroker on my last transaction to purchase my own home was extremely easy. I appreciated the advice you shared to help me get through a few bumps... smoothly
- Lori (Lodi)
I have no complaints. I Love it!!! Thanks!
- Kimberly (Riverside)
Since I don't need an office, your on-line brokerage is just right for me. I am especially happy to not have monthly fees. Thanks for having a company that works for me (and obviously a lot of others too).
- Constance (Lubbock)

Congratulations again, you've done a fabulous job!!!! I'm constantly trying to recruit....I tell everyone how great this company is. I share my success story with them...New agent and closed 11 escrow on my first year....!!! WoW!
- Adela (San Diego)
Just wanted to start this message in saying how much I am enjoying working with this Brokerage and how much I appreciate your prompt responses when I have asked questions in the past. You guys are terrific!
- Laura (San Luis Obispo)
I will continue to tell RE agents about this company, I think it is one of the greatest online Real Estate companies.
- Linda Hubbard

My Dear Broker: Thanks for everything. You are truly amazing. Hope to be in another contract in the near future. With great respect,
- Carmen N. Ercolini
I must say you have a very organized operation there.
- Pam Kaur
I was just lucky to get the last sale through, as it was my first short sale. Thank you for being there to answer my questions. You are terrific.
- Carmen

I have been with REeBroker for over a year and it has been a very good experience. So good, I have recommended others to join up. Thank you
- Tom Mitchell Upland, Ca.
ESCROW: Thanks. After going through a horrible escrow co. For my last sale, you are great! Thank you Karri. Your the best. It was great working with you. I wish you all the best!
- heidi chung
Karri, you are an efficient escrow officer and I am very happy with your services, thank you very much for your work! Estrella Hawkins Thank you again, for your excellent customer service.
- David Coombs

Karri, you are truly a jewel! Thanks for going the extra mile. This will be a good learning exercise for me to help my clients go through. I am up for the challenge.
- jcsales222
Fantastic Karri, you know your stuff. It did help. Thank you !!!!!! You are the best.
- Dana
Dear Karri Thanks for your good work. Due to your good job, I can be a home owner finally. ^ ^ This is my testimonial of appreciation and gratitude regarding our affiliated escrow and staff. I was a bit hesitant to use the escrow as I have had many misfortunes and bad service with in house escrow in the past with the various companies I wa sworking. This time I can can only compliment Karrie and staff for the efficient, diligent and knowledgable treatment my clients and I received during the escrow which resulted in a successful COE. Thanks Karrie and again to all.
- Alain A. Raynaud

The only question I have is how you are getting all this done so quickly! Nice job!!!
- Marge Ouimet
Thanks Cathy, You expediency and expertise is as always greatly appreciated.
- Sincererly, Patrisha
I am so glad to be part of this Brokerage. You guys are terrific!
- Laura (San Luis)

We wanted to express to you we really appreciate your short sale negatiator Gunnar and his work ethic. We have given him some difficult lenders and he has been successful in getting the job done so far.
- Renee and David (Fair Oaks)
I just wanted to say "Thank you" and that ... It's been a pleasure working with you this past year. You are the best person (broker) I have ever come across, being helpful and you have always encouraged me, praised my work. You have set a prominent example. Just want you to know that you are terrific to work with.
- Bhaskar
Dear Gin Kazla, Thank you very much for the great support that you and Cathy provided during my recent very trying transaction. During that time, I received the best support that I have ever been provided by any of the brokerages that I worked for. The information was very prompt in coming, was well reasoned and beneficial to me. I am very pleased that I was allowed to become a proud member of the REebroker team of agents. Thank you,
- Milford (Stockton)

I am very impressed with REeBroker and have already enlisted one agent, I plan to add more over time. Once again, thank you.
- Tim (Temecula)
Hello: REeBroker agent here in Rancho Mirage. Glad to see REeBroker is on facebook. Great company to be with!
- Alan Lawrence
REebroker is a great firm to work for their support and communication is very professional , Kathy Lester is always very responsive. Keep up the Great work.
- Don, Rancho Cordova

I have been with REebroker for a year now and I could not be any happier. This Brokerage knows how to take care of their most valuable asset, their AGENTS. I anticipate great things from this company and I am very happy to be part of it!
- Estrella
Hello RE eBroker World. I made the switch to RE eBroker last summer and it couldn't have worked out better. Great service when you need a broker's advice and the office staff is totally responsive t our needs and requests. Thanks to Cathy and all the staff! We look forward to a lot of new things happening.
- Ron, Palm Springs
Glad to be on board!
- Mo

Hello Re eBroker, It's really nice to work with this company, I thank to Cathy and rest of the staff for helping out in different situations.
- Sanjeev, Yuba City
"The new site looks great! I am so pleased to be associated with Real Estate eBroker."
- Lauren
"Hello RE eBroker, Just wanted to chime in from Chatsworth and the San Fernando Valley. I am thrilled that I made the switch to you guys. The support and professionalism has been top notch. I would reccomend anyone even thinking about making the switch to give me a call. I will be happy to speak with you. (818) 687-6000. Keep up the great work."
- Scott, San Fernando Valley

LOVE workng with REeBroker!! Best move Ive made!! Thank You
- Rick, Pioneer
"So happy to be part of a team who is employed with REeBroker... Your company is like no other... Thank You"
- Rosalinda
"We are pleased to be associated with RE eBroker Inc."
- Antonio

" I like that there is no weekly Meeting to attend and Re eBroker is responsive to my questions, And fast, And they have never wasted any of my time. I can focus in doing my work"
- Moxa
I was very impressed that you responded on Saturday night ... I really appreciate your diligence and quick response.
- Virginia (Walnut Creek)
Thank you so much for your help with this matter. I have really appreciated all the help and support from Cathy and others also. Thanks for everything,
- Nigel

I just want to say I'm so happy with all the support I get whenever I call or e-mail REeBroker. Everyone has been so helpful and this was my biggest fear in joining an online company as a new broker was that I would be losing the support staff and getting bare bones help if I needed it. I look forward to doing more sales volume in the future and I'm trying to convert additional agents and brokers in my area to join our team. Well thank you again for all of your help.
- Stephen (Petaluma)
Thank you very much Ana for doing a great job on transaction coordinator.
- Cal, San Jose
Thank you. I just want to compliment you (Trusted National Escrow) on how fast and efficient you are. It has been so nice working with you!
-  Disney Financial (La Mesa)

Thank you Cathy and Staff: Very clear. Will follow your advice. You are fast. We are so fortunate to have you coaching us all the way. And you not only surprise me with a prompt detail answers to our questions almost instantly you also provide such clarity that we have no more doubt The other day an agent is considering join ebroker she ask me about what I love most I told her the support from the team We have the whole team not just a broker Appreciated, Moxa
- Moxa-San Mateo
Thanks Rosanne. I enjoyed working with you as well. I look forward to working together again in the near future.
- Karee Logan
You answered my question 6:33 am on the Sunday of a long weekend?, you are dedicated, thank you :)
- Vicki (Simi Valley)

Thank you Cathy, You guys are the best. I am glad I joined the team... Best
- Steve
I want to let you know that my experience with REeBroker and Trusted National Escrow has been exceptional; especially Roseanne, Donna, Susie and Ana, they have been great to work with. I will continue to recommend you all to everyone and use you in future endeavors. Thank you.
- Calla (Granite Bay)
Ana, I was told by Donna form Trusted National Escrow that we should record today on this purchase. I want to thank you for all your help with everything you were very helpful as usual.
- Stephen G. Debrunner

Thank you Susie. You are so professional and diligent. I love working with e-broker!
- Heather Garcia
Ana, I want to thank you for the kind and professional service you exhibited on this transaction. We recorded yesterday and I received my commission check and closing statement from Peninsula Escrow this afternoon. I look forward to working with you again in the near future. Sincerely,
- Bob
I appreciate the great website and have uploaded my info and turned it on. Thanks for the opportunity to be able to use it to attract clients. It is fairly easy to use and lots of great info has already been uploaded there.
- Julianne (Oceanside)

Donna (Trusted National Escrow officer), I just had to take a moment, since this is winding down, and say that... I greatly appreciate all you have done for me. I know that I can be a pain in the butt with all of my questions and concerns. You put me at ease time and time again. You truly made it as painless as possible on my behalf. Thank you for giving this kid (lol) a dream come true. Awesome Notary you arranged for me. The knowledge she bestowed me with will last a lifetime, as with yours as well. I was blessed to have you on my side!
- David Abrams (Lake Forest)
Cathy (Office manager), thank you very much, AS ALWAYS YOUR SUPPORT IS FANTASTIC, one of the Great things about working with REeBroker.
- Carlos (Rohnert Park)
Thank you all so much for your hard work on this transaction. I think it went very well considering it was only my second transaction with reebroker and the first Time I used escrow and TC.
- Stan (Lake Elsinore)

Cathy (office manager): You are very knowledgable, when I tell others I work for Re Ebroker, they always tell me to find some brokage with strong support, if they know we have u, I believe that they won't say that any more. You are my rock! Regards
- Lina (San Diego)
I am with the best broker in CA and maybe the entire USA. My check is always sent to me without delay. I love working for my broker and REeBroker, Inc.
- Carmen (Lompoc)
The service I received from you guys and my previous broker is just day and night apart. I love your quick responses and professional courtesy you show, which is non-existent where I was previously. Glad I made the right move over!
- Tom (Merced)

Real Estatee E Broker is one of the most ethical and dedicated real estate companies I know of. They go the extra mile for their Realtors. A truly exceptional company!
- Margaret (Costa Mesa)
I love working for your guys' firm, and am thankful for the help and support. Anytime I have a question, it feels like someone is available. I have never had the impression that Cathy (office manager) is in a hurry to rush me off the phone, or that my questions are elementary. (The pay is great of course too!)
- Anthony (Pasadena)
Thank you Jenny. I love working for your company, there's always help and somebody to talk to:)
- Selena (San Pedro)

Thank you so much Roseanne (escrow officer for Trusted National Escrow)! I really enjoy working with you and you are so COMPETENT (which is sometimes rare these days) and helpful! Thanks again for all your hard work!
- Cynthia (Culver City)
I love the support thank you so much.
- Patrick (San Francisco)
.....thank you VERY much! You are the BEST and I appreciate you soooooo much!!!!!! well as your staff, are miles and miles away from me, I feel close to you and "embraced" because I know you, and especially Cathy, are just a phone call or email away. You folks are like my extended family which make me feel safe, protected and cared for. Does this make sense? I'm grateful to all of you and it's a wonderful feeling! You've hired a great team, Gin! Everyone is always helpful, but I'm especially fond of Cathy!!! She's beautiful, kind, caring and courteous. I'm proud to be part of Real Estate eBroker, Inc.!!! Best decision I've ever made in my career.
- Cynthia (Alhambra)

I really like the direction that the company is going. I can see this becoming one of the biggest Real Estate Companies in the Country.
- Nick (Highland)
Ana I just wanted to say thank you for all your help on my file this month. You are a pleasure to work with and I hope to work with you again soon.
- Heather (Orange County)
Love working with this brokerage, you guys are so responsive, always! ;)
- Tania (Oak View)

I want to thank you ( Donna, Trusted National Escrow) again for all your work on my property. By far the best escrow experience I have ever had.
- Michael (Valley Village)
"Great job Ana (Transaction Coordinator), and thanks for all your hard work and guidance. You did an amazing job!"
- Patick (San Francisco)
Cathy, I am so glad I chose REeBroker to be my broker. You and your team are efficient, wonderful to work with and a pleasure. Thanks once again!
- Don (Palm Springs)

Thank you all, especially Wes, for the professional, friendly and creative assistance I really like this company!
- Greg J.
I just completed a transaction with Trusted National Escrow and I'd like to comment on Diana Flickner. I want you to know what an incredible asset she is to your escrow department. I found her to be efficient, patient, courteous, professional and extremely helpful. To say the least, this transaction was very challenging. However, Diana's thoroughness and efficiency helped us close this file. She was always pleasant even though the situation wasn't pleasant. She went the extra mile to obtain information and while all of us were very frustrated, she remained calm. She is extremely knowledgeable.
- Shannon (Westlake Village)
I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job as my TC. It has been a pleasure!
- Sheila (Newbury Park)

I love the Company!
- Jim (Oak View)
Thanks for always providing such a swift response! You guys are great to work with. Please feel free to use my contact information in case potential Realtors need to reach out to current Realtors requesting feedback on your services. Would be happy to assist!
- Sean (San Diego) 619-302-9692
My transaction has Funded and will Record Today! As a (Transaction Coordinator) you have been extremely AWESOME throughout this entire transaction! Thank you Very Much!
- Jerome (Ontario)

I’m so grateful and thankful today and every day that I’m able to work with you all. I so appreciate your kindness to me and amazingly helpful attitude when I call for help on difficult issues….you always help me through every situation with outstanding knowledge to share and great insight to help find positive solutions and overcome the concerns or just work through the problem – I’m forever thankful to you all.
- Heidi (Carlsbad)
You are doing a great job on my transaction coordination. I appreciate that you are really on top of everything. It helps me tremendously.You are so efficient!! Thanks!!
- Victor (Oceanside)
Incredible, you are working even at this time. You (Vykas) are my TC always, that is just incredible.
- Joseph (Highland)

Thanks a lot for your efficient services.
- Bushra (Corona)
I want to thank all of you. Since the moment I inquired about REeBroker you guys have been on top of everything getting things handled.Very impressive . Thank you again I feel I was fully guided to the right agency.
- Sean (MANTECA)
Thanks you Michelle and Trusted National Escrow!! I was DEFINITELY satisfied with your service and I am very grateful we are working together!! Thank you again!!
- Heather (Orange)

The help I got from you guys (REeBroker Group)through this process made everything much easier. I really appreciate it!
- Dirk (Westminster)
TC, I would like to take this minute and thank you very much for all your help and patience...... Wish you the best, good health and Love..... With all my gratitude,
- Maria (Bonita)
Your TC service has been very professional and that I couldn't be happier. Top notch!
- Heath (Rocklin)

Michelle (Escrow Officer) Trusted National Escrow Your team did a great job!I really appreciate your make it happen attitude especially the last few days when the pressure was on. Thanks so much!
- Gary (Simi Valley)
Thank you Jenny (Broker's Assistant) for all your effort in helping me save money and quickly,processing everything.....Greatly appreciated.
- Rachel (Murrieta)
- Antonio (San Leandro, CA)

Ana (Transaction Coordinator),I really appreciate your hard work and help on this and other files in the past.You are a great asset to our organization and I'm glad we have you helping us.Thank you again and look forward to working with you on other transactions.
- Amir (Marina Del Rey)
Michelle (Escrow Officer ) Trusted National Escrow: you had the unenviable task of managing the whole show, and the fact that I sometimes forgot that I was in the middle of a home purchase transaction speaks to how incredible of a job you did. I could not ask for a more seamless experience - thank you!
- Raffi (Cerritos)
Corin(Trusted National Escrow Officer) This was my first time being on the "Listing" side (I usually work with Buyers) and you made everything go so smoothly for us. Thank you so much for everything - you were an absolute pleasure to work with :) I will definitely suggest to use you again the next time I have another listing.
- Shauna (San Diego)

Your TC service has been very professional and that I couldn't be happier. Top notch!
- Heath (Rocklin)
Thanks Trusted National Escrow (Corin) for all your hard work and for getting all funds paid out on the day escrow closed. Have a great rest of your week.
- Evonne (Spring Valley)
Thanks Trusted National Escrow (Corin) so much for the smooth transaction and all of your hard work
- Cynthia (Riverside)

This is the best Real Estate Company I have worked with in my 26 years of doing business... YOU ARE THERE...
- Sharon (Daly City)
TC (ANA) You all are awesome! .. I'm praying that I get more deals, just so I can keep working with you! ... (Extremely Happy!)
- Jerone (Ontario)
TNE (Corin) Thank you for all your hard work!!!? I feel like dancing right now! LOL...
- Cesar (Cabazon)

TC(Ana) Thank you very everything, you are the best, and that comes from the heart.
- Butch (Coarsegold)
Thanks Ana, Not sure I could have done this deal without you! I appreciate all your help very much.
- Karen B. (San Clemente)
Ana Griggs (REebroker Transaction Coordinator) did a great job, as usual. I would not do these deals without a good desk person like her.
- Heath (Rocklin)

I want to thank you (Cathy) and the staff for being so nice to me. I really appreciate it. You are special, and you are the best. Real Estate eBroker is the best thing that ever happen to me. Have a happy thanksgiving
- Butch (Coarsegold)
TC Service is 10 out of 10! Ana is wonderful!
- Faye (Palo Alto)
I feel grateful for working with this company that provides great service to assist with my first transaction. I feel grateful for the low fees, it definitely helped a lot with purchasing my primary residence.
- Lucy (Irvine)

I love your company, always there when I needed an answer. Cathy and Jenny are wonderful and patient.
- Sharon (Daly City)
The office was great! I've been with the company for many years and have recently been doing real estate in Central and South America. Starting back up here domestically has been a delightful surprise. Questions and and solutions were quick, and process was detailed and clear. Impressed and I've submitted referred two agents (One who is an attorney) who already signed. I have another agent who should be signing next month.
- Lester (Oceanside)
Hi Ana (TC), I would like to take this opportunity to thanks you for outstanding support. Greatly appreciated!!!
- Tinh (San Diego)

I was very happy with my transaction with my Broker's office. Someone was there to assist me at all times whenever I had any questions. People there are very nice and responded back almost instantly. I called several times towards the end of my transaction and everyone was knowledgeable and knew exactly what I wanted to accomplish. Every single person that I spoke with over the phone or by email assisted me with a lot of knowledge and process. The website is easy to use and has a lot of tools. Uploaded images and and being able to add notes and read notes made it the transaction very smooth. Thank you REebroker for giving me the opportunity to work for a such fun company.
- John (Glendale)
Ana (TC) To tell you the truth you are my new favorite person in real estate. I have never had it so easy and I thank you so much.
- Taryn (West Hills)
Absolutely the best & attentive staff!
- Cynthia (Alhambra)

Thank you so much Michelle (TNE).....I am so happy that you have taken care of this with me through this last year and kept everyone together answering questions with ease. Enjoy and see you soon.
- Jason (San Diego)
Well, I must say, I could not be happier with the staff at the office, and the broker as well. They were always ready to answer any questions I had , and since this was my first transaction with the company, I was pleasantly surprised on how they took care of my needs. I just wish I knew about your company years ago, I could have saved a lot of money. My only regret was that, I didn't use the TC at your company . I will defiantly utilities the services of TC on my next deal. Once again, I thank you and your staff.
- Daryoush (Mission Viejo)
I just wanted to let you all know how pleased I am with REeBroker. I am so pleased to be a part of this company. My files have always ran so smooth with your help.
- Lori (Vacaville)

"I can’t get enough of all the REeBroker benefits, they truly are the GO TO company! They have provided me with incredible service, innovative technology, and all the necessary tools to succeed as an agent."
- Joseph (Temecula)
Hi Cathy, I was pleasantly surprised to have such a prompt response from you. It is comforting to know that I have a broker to consult with when I needed it. Thank you so much.
- Kate (SAN PEDRO)
I want you to know it was a real pleasure to work with you (Gin Kazla). It makes such a difference working with a Real Estate Professional.
- Marty (San Diego)

I sincerely hope to do business with Trusted National Escrow in the future. Your cheery uplifting attitudes on the phone are always refreshingly enjoyable in the world of extensions and uncertainty. Thank you,
- Myke (Victorville)
I have been a Realtor for over 20 years and by far REeBroker rates excellent. Jessica Hawk cannot be beat. I have enjoyed working thru this transaction and look forward to many more.
- Linda (Torrance)
The REeBroker Group transaction reporting system is very user-friendly.
- Lidia (Discovery Bay), Taylor (Santa Ana),

I am very satisfied with REeBroker's office support and the transaction reporting system is user-friendly as well. I appreciate Reebroker.
- Joey (Stockton)
REeBrokers office support makes me extremely satisfied. Their transaction reporting system is very user-friendly too. The Staff is the best. Never once did they not answer a question or help me. The best.
- Rodell (Palm Springs)
"Very much satisfied with the office support and find their reporting system user-friendly. This is my first transaction with REeBroker and everything went super smooth. Thanks!"
- Yahir (San Diego)

The transaction reporting system is user-friendly. I am very satisfied as well with the broker's office support and the Transaction Coordination Services. Jessica was so patient & helpful. And I really like the "virtualness".
- Lee (Pinon Hills)
The Broker's office support is very satisfying and the transaction reporting system is very user-friendly. Thank you. It was great to work with you all.
- Gabriela (Elk Grove)
I am very satisfied with the broker's office support. I find the transaction reporting system user-friendly. Very helpful staff who are always willing to provide assistance.
- Zachariah (Fremont)

Very satisfied with the broker's office support and has a very user-friendly transaction reporting sytem. All the staff were great!!!!!
- Jim (Culver City)
I am very satisfied with the broker's office support provided. Thanks again always a pleasure!
- Chelle (Sacramento)
"Great webinar....I was planning to multitask during webinar but the great content had me tuned in."
- Galon (Redondo Beach)

“Thanks for your presentation. Looking forward to the next one!! ”
- Steven (Santa Rosa)
“Thank you so much for the wonderful webinar today. It was GREAT! The time was perfect- I did it on my lunch break!!”
- Kelly (Vacaville)
“Thank you for the webinar today.”
- Teresa (Studio City)

“That was an awesome webinar and I'm looking forward to receiving the brochures.”
- Barbara (Moreno Valley)
"Great webinar!”
- Todd (Riverside)
“I enjoyed your webinar yesterday and am looking forward to participating in next of the series.”
- Vanessa (San Pedro)

Extremely Happy! Thanks for your immediate and continued support always!
- Lauren (Los Angeles)
Brokers and office manager, Cathy Sao Marcos was very helpful when i encountered a hurdle during he transaction. Thanks for the quick response time and efficient processing. Very pleasantly surprised!
- Meena (Pasadena)
Thank you REeBroker Team, I love being a part of your group.
- Adriana (Sun City)

This is my first transaction with REeBroker. From start to finish I could not be happier. I interacted with both the broker and staff and everyone was great. Any question I had was answered immediately. The online transaction management was also easy to use. I don't work full time in CA as a realtor but do work full time as a Realtor in AZ for Realty ONE Group. I average between 20 and 30 transactions a year in AZ and have been licensed since 06. REeBroker treated me as if I was a full time employee that has been working for them for years. Thank you,
- Mark (Peoria, AZ)
REeBroker has always been "Prompt And Efficient" when assisting with the closing of my transactions or just my transactions in general.
- Jerone (Ontario)
My first closing with REeBroker! I am sure I could have utilized my TC more but I really hand-held this transaction. Cathy and the broker assistants were very instrumental in our decisions theoughout this transaction and very educational for me. Thank you so much. Looking forward to closing more this year!
- Carol (San Jose)

This was my first transaction as an RE eBroker agent. My calls and emails were returned promptly. I felt you had my back. The online document site is easy to use and your check lists are concise and easy to follow. Very pleased. Susan Smith
- Susan (Grass Valley)
Thanks Cathy , Amazing service as usual.
- Syed (Reseda) 2/2016
"Thank you so much for the great info in the webinar!
- Yvonne (LA PALMA) 2/2016

"Im so excited to be part of your group”
- Cecilia (Ceres) 2/2016
“As a traveling agent this is great. An excellent opportunity, thank you.”
- John (Shell Beach) 2/2016
“Unbelievable amazing company and you guys. Once again thank you, you guys really are fantastic and help full.”
- Mohammad (Riverside) 2/2016

Thank you Cathy!!! I really appreciate the info! You are always so helpful!! :)
- Janelle (San Diego) 2/2016
Hello fellow agents! A lot of agents have been asking me about REeBroker and what I think about our company. I have been with them going on 4 years! Here is my response: Freedom to do my business. I work from home, but have the option of setting up an office with a team. Keep my commission which comes directly from Escrow. Broker gets a flat fee. Full staff support. The staff is always pleasant and very helpful. Webinars to keep up to date and help my business grow! I love their electronic platform. It has everything I need for my business. We work hard for our commission! We do the work for our clients! Why give up such a big chunk of your commission for a big box brand name?! I can tell you that this virtual company is here to stay and having grown up in the industry and working in it the past 18 years I know what I'm talking about. If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 888-411-0990. Sabrina P.S. Do yourself a favor and find out more about our company. You WILL be glad that you did!
- Sabrina (Moorpark)
Thank you so much for everything…This experience with this Broker team has been amazing! The customer service that I have received speaks volumes..Thanks again, and I wish us both a Wonderful and Prosperous year!!
- Alesia (Riverside) 2/2016

I appreciate your help! I love my brokerage!!!
- Teresa :-) (San Diego)
I have been in the industry for 10 years and I have NEVER seen such amazing collateral, AND FOR FREE! THANK YOU
- Joseph (Placentia)
I just wanted to send you guys a quick email to say thank you for all your assistance and being there to answer any questions i have had these past few weeks and getting me the yard sign when i had the open house. I had 3 transactions close escrow today , it was my first time using 5 star escrow and using the TC service and everything went smooth with no issues or hangups at all.I TC'd my own file for the purchase transaction that closed today and i can't Imagine it being any clearer or simpler to put together a complete file. So thank you guys for the great work i appreciate all the support! Have a great day
- Scot (Oceanside)

I joined this company about 6 years ago and have the happiest ever since. I like the straight forward approach to business. The team is great and very supportive. The savings are extraordinary. For over 32+ years as a full time Real Estate Broker, I know I lost money working for other companies. Their franchise fees were always going up and the support was not the best. I'll stay here until I retire.
- Antonio (San Leandro)
Thank you and I enjoy working with REeBrokers
- Daniel Persichetti (San Diego)
And thank you Jessica and everyone for your great support!
- Judith Forster ( San Diego)

I've always been super happy being a part of REeBroker. Communication has always been genuine.
- Lori (Vacaville)
I just wanted you to know that Rachel at Five Star Escrow is handling one of my escrows and she has been one of the best escrow officers I've ever worked with. My experience with Rachel and her team at Five Star has been a complete turnaround from my last experience with the previous preferred escrow company. I would have no doubts about using her services again or recommending her to other agents. I appreciate you choosing a high quality officer and company to handle our escrows.
- John (Los Angeles)
I want to thank all of you for the opportunity to work with you!! You skilled and supportive staff have made the business of real estate very pleasant. I have very much enjoyed and learned from your very concise and organized systems put in place to help me as an agent. I very much appreciate that there is more than one person to help me over the phone in a very thorough way.
- Gail (Camarillo)

Thank you Cathy! – You’re all so great over there at RE-Broker…I appreciate your help more than you know.
- James (Los Angeles)
Daisy, It was a great pleasure to meet you today and I appreciate your taking time to introduce some of the staff members and show me around the office! It's wonderful to know someone as friendly and caring as you is there to help. Thanks for your support.
- Tim (Temecula)
I am 110% satisfied with REeBroker Group and staff!
- Judith (Los Angeles)

Thanks so much Stephanie. You girls ROCK!!!!!
- Janie Frizell
I am so happy am with you guys!!! Seriously the most support have seen in real estate Jessica was awesome, I understood the forms over the phone Awesome support !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Thomas (Huntington Beach)
Hi Cathy, I just wanted to let you know we closed escrow. Thank you again for all your help and guidance with this transaction. Take Care
- Stephen (Petaluma)

Stephanie, You are so wonderful! I am glad to have you.
- Diana Militchin
Thank you very much Stephanie. Appreciate the assistance and prompt response!
- Karl Andrews
Thanks for fast processing and excellent support from your team
- Mohamed (San Diego)

Without Willard Raff's guidance, I would have sold my home for $60,000 less than the closing sale price that I did get. Not only was he an expert negotiator who got me an offer that was 10% above asking price, but he also gave me sound advice on how to up my home's value so that it would be more appealing to buyers. He even went the extra mile and helped me finish up some small repairs to the house and recommended vendors who could do more involved jobs without breaking my small budget. I couldn't ask for a better experience with an agent, and will not hesitate to recommend him to my friends and family
- Renee Edmonds (San Pablo)
Honestly I LOVEEEE Working with you Guys!, you are EXTREMELY HELPFUL & SUPPORTIVE... Besides that you solve all our concerns in shortly time...THANK YOUUUUU AGAIN CATHY.
- Lenny (Chatsworth)
Thanks Stephanie! You're the best! But it's true, you never failed me. You are always there assisting me until the end. I appreciate YOU!
- Gresil (Corona)

Dear Tiffany: Your The Best and a Asset to the Company!!! Kind Regards:
- Jeff (Healdsburg)
My name is Colleen and I need to just let someone know that Ms Perez is a wonderful joy to work with. She is so professional and friendly and very thorough with all of the things I asked of her, and I am well pleased with her and I would like to request her assistance whenever I need a very good TC with any of my Real Estate transactions. Please let her know that she is one in a million and I appreciate all of her assistance. Thank you for allowing me to work with such an intelligent beautiful person and it is a pleasure to work with Re e-broker Group. Thank you.
- Colleen (Los Angeles)
I'm an agent with REeBrokers Group. I love what I call "new age real estate" where everything is online and so convenient! I really started to do real estate mid-summer and had my first listing which went so smooth and right now I have a purchase and a listing and we've been in escrow for almost two weeks and about to close! I can't rave enough about Jessica and the staff that you have. I haven't had the time to visit your office as I'm primarily in the OC and LA area but it's been a great experience working for this company and with everyone in it. I also have to give a lot of credit to my broker & EJ Hawkins because he's been a phenomenal mentor and it took him about 4 years to convince me to do real estate and I'm really glad he didn't give up on me. So thank you and your company for giving me this opportunity and I'm really looking forward to 2018 with REeBrokers!
- Elizabeth (Huntington Beach)

Thanks team! You’re all amazing and I’m glad I’m part of the REeBroker group! Stephanie, be my TC forever. You are the best!! ??????
- Gresil (Corona)
REeBroker really does have the best fee structure around!
- Ted (Palm Desert)
Thank you so much for your help with everything, I sent the offer the made a counter offer and we accepted. I uploaded the docs to my transactions and the information I have. Waiting for escrow to open. Once again thanks so much for all your help!You guys are always so awesome!
- Dominic (San Leandro)

ReBroker, I am so HAPPY that I joined such an awesome company. Daisy Leal has been EXTREMELY helpful and patient with system & etc. as well as everyone else getting everything I have requested in a fast manner, in which I greatly appreciate! Very efficient work ethic and professional, kind and courteous which is why I know we all work well together. I have also expressed enthusiasm to fellow agents in referring them to join. I THANK YOU :)
- Maria Antoinette V. (Selma)
I really like REeBroker. Everyone is always so helpful.
- Melanie (Artesia)
And we have a deal! Thanks Darren.. you really helped me in my conversation with the other agent.
- David (El Dorado Hills)

Darren, Thanks for your information on the phone today. You certainly have a great wealth of RE contract knowledge!
- Brent (Newport Beach)
I chose REeBroker as a new agent in November 2018 and I'm so glad I did that! When I felt that I needed help outside of business hours, and for a high risk transaction, I signed up for the mentoring program with Cathy Sao Marcos and she was an awesome mentor to work with. Specifically, there was an instance when she was on a three-way call with the buyer's agent and myself and I knew that she had my back. She saw problems and asked questions that I, as a relatively new agent then, would not know/think of to ask. This has been my favorite memory about the whole mentoring experience. I urge that if you are a new agent - work for REeBroker (use my referral link here:, for the mentoring program, and ask your mentor to be there on the phone with you/for talks, etc. You'll still have to learn many things by yourself, and you'll seem to do work slower (because you have to coordinate multiple people's schedule for a phone call), but you'll learn so much from the process so that you can serve your future clients better.
- Esther (Santa Ana)
Best online brokerage to work for in California! Started 3 years ago right after I got my real estate agent license and closed 3 transactions in the first few months. Always fast & excellent support when I needed, and you only pay $500 or 10% of your commissions (whatever is less). 100% commission with 100% support. I would recommend this brokerage to any agent, whether just starting or whether been in real estate for awhile - keep your hard-earned money in your pocket!
- Bar (Los Angeles)

Worked with Darren and staff, all very professional, super easy to work with, energetic and was...
- Neal (Claremont)
Cathy and the staff provided excellent communication from the first phone call through the close of escrow. I highly recommend taking advantage of all the tools eBroker has to offer! Was not expecting as much hands-on support from an online brokerage!
- Kassandra
Very friendly and competent staff on top of their work ask for Daisy. I tried other companies but REeBroker Group is unmatched in their field.
- Elisha (Riverside)

Darren’s attention to detail and vast knowledge of the industry is incredible. The entire staff showed great professionalism and attentive communication, making my first transaction stress free and easy!
- Jason (Oceanside)
If you are looking for a knowledgable, honest Real Estate brokerage, this place is amazing. Darren helped us out and was very personable and prompt in assisting my relatives throughout a few closings. He made each transaction painless with his patience and honesty, and it was really refreshing to work with him.
- Jennifer (Oakland)
Your first transaction can be very intimidating because you don’t know what to expect. Cathy was exactly the mentor I needed. She made herself available for every question, phone call, and email. Even after hours! If you are new to the industry, Cathy is the perfect coach!
- Garret (Santa Barbara)

Worked with Darren and staff, all very professional, super easy to work with, energetic and was always, there when I needed them. Removed any and all worries, highly recommended!
- Nikki (Monterey)
The eBroker team was amazing. Truly first-rate! I recommend them highly. They held our hand every step of the way, from listing to after the close of escrow. Phenomenal! Such professionals!
- Tim (Carlsbad)
From the start, we could tell that the REeBroker Group was working for us and with us. All of our inquiries were responded to very quickly through various stages of the transaction. Invaluable service that made for an overall very easy selling experience. Thank you!!!
- Madeline (San Francisco)

Darren is very forthcoming with what to expect and steered me in the right direction with both of my recent closings. He offered great advice on went above and beyond to make sure my transactions were accepted and all parties were paid upon the close of escrow.
- Vanessa (Vista)
The REeBroker Group has been great to work with, very professional, and helped close one of the smoothest transactions I've dealt with recently. I highly recommend Darren and his team.
- Taylor (Vista)
As an agent of RE eBroker Group. with little sales activity, I worked with Cathy Sao Marcos. As my mentor, Cathy Sao Marcos was very accessible and responsive and provided guidance, support, patience. This was a great learning experience. The RE eBroker Group staff is friendly, professional, courteous, knowledgeable and prompt in responding.
- Kirk (South Lake Tahoe)

As a new agent, I am grateful to have chosen the REeBroker Group. The staff is friendly, professional, courteous and knowledgeable. A special thank you to my mentor Cathy Sao Marcos who provided not only the time, guidance, support, patience and surely the valuable learning experience with my first sale transaction! She is a pleasure to work with and hope for our continued success. Note from Cathy: I assisted Ben with two transactions for the same property. In the first transaction, I suggested the seller counter with a 3% earnest money requirement. The buyer failed to close escrow and the seller was able to keep the 3% EMD. The second transaction closed on time with no issues.
- Benjamin F. Sunnyvale
I hesitated joining REeBroker Group because it is a new company and I didn't understand how transactions could be complete or if needed I could ask questions and get answers promptly. I am glad I made the decision to join REeBroker. They have ongoing training videos where you can watch them at your own convenience. Training videos are easy to understand and professionally done. I can call the office any time and get the help I need. Each one of the employees are so courteous, kind, and have a lot patience. I love to be part of their team!  
- Marlitt
Thank you SO MUCH, Paige. I just hung up with Daisy, and she was most helpful-----just like you. I will place a GREAT ENDORSEMENT on Yelp about our company. Hopefully, my 30 years in the business will carry some merit to those who read it. I KNOW what Great Real Estate Companies are and REeBrokers is right there at the TOP OF THE LIST!
- Vicki, Encinitas, CA

This was my first transaction with Re eBroker Group. I am very pleased with the overall experience. Thanks a lot for your help.
- Amarjit Singh
Just like to thank you for being my mentor and really appreciate all your help and patience assisting me all throughout this transaction. I have a lot of reviewing to do and looking forward hoping to learn a lot more from you and your staff. Thank you too Paige for assisting me when Cathy is unavailable. Best regards to everyone and stay safe.
- Rafael Camus
I just wanted to thank members of my REeBroker Group family that are always there for me. You are all great assets. Thank you! Your contribution is HUGE!
- Mo Rezvani

I am extremely thankful for the mentorship help of Cathy SaoMarcos and Paige. They were great and just what I needed at the present time in order to be confident in the negotiations of my transaction.
- Alessandro Peruffo
Omg! So excited! We appreciate all your help, guidance, and expertise! So glad we had the opportunity to have you on our side for this process. Thank you!! We appreciate you!
- Evelina Gonzalez
Not only did Cathy work with us to resolve issues with national COVID-19 student loan mandates, she actually assisted in procuring approval for both IBR plans, a complete underwriting approval for the adjusted Mills Act property taxes, total credit for all or our rental units and an amazing APR at less than 3%. I really do think she set a new bar.
- James Donaghe

Cathy. Thank you so much for your support yesterday. Your call and email worked! Thank you so much. You may have saved this deal!??
- Rebecca (Manteca)
Cathy, Again I truly appreciate the team and your mentorship! I'm so pleased with my first ever transaction with REeBroker Group!
- Lenssa (San Jose)
Hi Cathy, greatly appreciated your review and advice. Great support from REeBroker!
- Angus (Walnut, CA)

Hello Cathy, Thank you so much for your very helpful response. I truly appreciate it! Thank you, and have a wonderful day,
- Albina (Carlsbad)
I am very thankful for their extremely professional and helpful attitude toward me over the years!
- Melvin (Oceanside)
Cathy SM was extremely helpful with the transaction.
- Rebecca Lara

Everyone involved in my transaction at REeBroker went above and beyond to help me through a very stressful transaction. I am very greatfull and Thank you ALL
- Stephanie Moreno
Cathy and Page mentorship is excellent
- Maria Hernandez
Perfect Broker for experienced agents
- Rick Karvasales

Checkists so helpful. System smoothly allows uploads.
- Kate Barret
I have appreciated all of the support Real Estate eBroker Inc. had to offer and left a better agent.
- Yvonne Fisher
Very professional and helpful.
- Maria Hernandez Garcia

Cathy Lester is great!!
- Taylor
I cannot thank you all enough for the encouragement and support offered me during treatments. You gave me a sense of being useful at a time I wanted to die just die, thank you!!
- Bridget Kraychir
Bhey was of great help and patient to follow up with all the items. Thank you Bhey
- Alessandro Peruffo

Always a great transaction with REeBROKER GROUP!!
- Jeffrey T. Blanchard
It is comforting to know support is only an email or phone call away.
- Sandra Gutierrez

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