Dear Agent,

Real Estate Broker Services is pleased to announce that we have entered into a definitive merger agreement with REeBroker Inc. (DBA: REeBroker Group), a REALTOR brokerage. The merger and your employment change should be completed by 06/15/2020.

This partnership will result in greater efficiency and improve the support we provide to our agents, specifically:

We observed that agents from other companies were hesitant and often resistant when presented with alternative real estate forms from other companies. We know that some of you were buying forms from CAR directly. However, the cost of forms for one transaction is almost the same as purchasing an annual CAR membership. I understand that many of you are hesitant to pay NAR, CAR and local association dues. If you don’t have a listing or an active transaction and you are doing only referrals - you don’t need to become NAR, CAR, and a local association member.

NAR/CAR membership provides the following additional benefits:

We will work with you closely to make the integration process as smooth as possible. If you currently have a transaction in the process, please contact the REeBroker office for assistance.
The process to switch companies is simple and can be done in less than 5 minutes:

  1. Apply to DRE for company change.
  2. To complete your employment change, login to DRE eLicensing system and:
    Follow the instructions below to move your license to Real Estate eBroker DRE 01522411
    • Select "Change Responsible Broker"
    • Select "No" for the question: "Is your employer there to certify you?"
    • Enter the broker’s email address:
  3. Your login to our website will remain the same. All your personal and transaction information will be preserved.
  4. Once you receive an email confirmation from our office that the Broker has certified you. Please log into the website to sign your new Independent Contractor Agreement. It will be a pop up right as you login.
  5. To join NAR, CAR, local association - see the list of local AOR memberships here
  6. Our office will assist with transferring any listings to Real Estate eBroker, Inc.
I am very excited about this merger. This will allow us to focus on and expand our business. Please email or call us (760) 722-3222 if you have any questions or need help with the transition.

Please take two minutes to complete this quick survey regarding your real estate activity.


Anthony Razhas