REeBroker Group does not have strict regulations on the design of your business cards. Below is a recommended sample of an REeBroker Group business card. There are DRE regulations regarding business cards:

  • Display the legal name in which the DRE issued your real estate license (no nick names or initials).
  • Display your DRE license number on your business card.
  • Disclose your brokerage name and license number. We recommend you use the REeBroker Group logo for this purpose. Click HERE to download the company logo.

For more information on the DRE advertising guidelines see:
If you add any promotional wording other than your basic contact information, email a proof of the card to for the brokers' approval.

The templates below are available for purchase through Del Mar Blue printing company at You may contact Mike Kraus at or 858-755-5134 for more information on their services. The online store will streamline the processing for ordering REeBroker Group branded marketing materials such as signs, banners and business cards. They are offering free shipping on all orders over $35.

Please login to REeBroker Group to see the credentials.

However, you may use any vendor of your choice for your printing needs. These companies have several templates for your materials and quick shipping options.


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