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You Get The Most Aggressive
Agent Compensation Plan
From An Industry Giant

There are many "fly by night" companies that offer agent compensation plans that are part of an unsustainable business model. They are here today and gone tomorrow. Or there are other companies that make a great pitch about their zero commissions approach until you look into the fine print and discover the hidden fees they do not talk about up front. The REeBroker Group is the grand daddy and the largest of flat fee brokers that has successfully partnered with and helped thousands of agents to save millions of dollars in commissions. They have been doing this throughout the state of California since 2005. REeBroker Group is, by far, the fastest growing brokerage in the state with over 100 new agents joining every month.

REeBroker has more agents in California then all of
the other flat fee real estate brokers combined!

  • 100% Commissions to Agents
  • $500 Flat Fee Per Closed Transaction*
  • No Monthly or Any Recurring Fees
  • Free Training
  • Free Small Group Coaching
  • Free Business Collateral
  • Leads
  • MLS Only Option Save on CAR/NAR Dues
  • Transaction Forms
  • TC service
  • Branch/DBA/Team Opportunity
  • Extra Income from Referring and Recruiting
  • Over 2,000 Agents in Our Network in California
  • Free Personal Agent’s Websites
  • The Best 24/7 Customer Support in the Industry
  • Online Transactions Reporting
  • A Streamlined Transaction Process with Specially Trained Vendors

*Exception: High Risk transactions (Dual Agency & AOP). For more information email